I’ve made yet another walk away dress! I’ve made four so far, it’s so quick and simple to make. You’ll need about 4.5 yards of fabric and 7 yards of bias tape, and about two hours of the day free! oh, and a large area to cut out the pattern. Two pieces in the skirt… Read more »

Tracey Thomas’s walk away dress! I’d love to see pictures of yours too!        

A rare opportunity to spend the afternoon sewing with me! During the workshop, I will show you some great techniques, hints and tips, and the winner will also receive a personalised, signed copy of my new book – Half Yard Christmas – after its release in June this year. To enter CLICK HERE

    John has been a dear friend of mine for many years. Many of you will recognise his name and occasionally his face from Create and craft TV in the UK, where he produces live craft shows as well as appearing as a guest for the likes of the Brother Scan n Cut. He… Read more »

Something a little bit different today! I thought it would be interesting to blog the odd piece about famous or interesting people in the sewing world. Below is an interview I did with a young lad, Nathan. I thought it unusual to have a 21 year old interested in quilting, but was quite surprised to… Read more »

I get so many questions about bias binding, what is it, when do I use it, how do I make it? I made a video on You Tube a while ago. If you haven’t seen it yet, here’s the link…      

This is a perfect sized pouch for your notebook or tablet, and the pattern can easily be re-sized if you need to. 1.       Cut one piece of patterned  fabric, one of wadding and one of lining fabric . This will need to be 2″ wider than your tablet, and three times as long. Measure 3″… Read more »

I’m really excited to announce that my new book, “Half Yard Christmas”, will be released in June! If you crave a crafty, creative Christmas, let me show you how to create all the accessories you need using left-over pieces of fabric! The book features six themed chapters – rustic, traditional, contemporary, monochrome, Scandinavian and kids…. Read more »

My vintage-inspired apron fits a UK size 10-14, please roughly measure the bib and skirt length against yourself before cutting. Although this isn’t couture, it is nice to have a good fit! I’ve used a ½” seam allowance unless stated otherwise, and woven cotton. Pre-wash the fabric first if you like, to help prevent shrinkage… Read more »

I thought I’d share this simple tea cup pin cushion project, don’t throw away your cracked tea cups!