Hello everybody! I hope you’re all well! I’m having a relaxed, lazy Sunday morning so I thought I’d share this cute tutorial with you just in case your hands are twitching and you want to get creating something today! I love to be organised for Christmas to avoid any mad rushes and to make sure I can relax with the family.
This simple bag can be hand or machine stitched, I’ve used a firm craft felt to make it sturdy.
Tip before we start: Use a 6mm [¼”] seam allowance.

Step 8


Debbie Shore Snowman template

Two rectangle of red felt measuring 18cm x 20cm [7” x 8”]
Two rectangles of red felt measuring 5cm x 20cm [2” x 8”] for the sides
One rectangle of red felt measuring 5cm x 18cm [2” x 7”] for the base
For the handles, two pieces of red felt measuring 2cm x 20cm [3/4” x 8”]
Scraps of red, white, orange and black felt for the snowman appliqué
One button for the hat and four for the handles
Two googly eyes
Felt/fabric glue
Repositionable spray fabric adhesive
Erasable ink pen

Steps to create:

1. Draw through your template with an erasable ink pen, decide on how you’re going to dress your snowman and cut out the pieces.

step 1

2. Spray the back of each snowman piece with repositionable adhesive and, starting with the largest white piece, sew around the edge. I’ve used a hand running stitch, you could blanket stitch or use your machine.

step 2

3. Add the remaining pieces, I’ve glued the googly eyes to two circles of black felt, then glued on the eyes and buttons. Hand-sew a button to the bow on the hat.

Step 3

4. Sew the two side panels wrong sides together to the front of the bag.

step 4

5. Sew the back of the bag in place to make a tube, then sew in the base, all wrong sides together.

Step 5

6. Dot a little wet glue to the ends of the handles to hold them in place, then add the buttons to decorate.

Step 6

Happy Sewing,
Debbie x

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