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This pleated cushion cover is easier to make than it looks, and can be made in any size you like as long as the patterned pieces of fabric are cut square. I’m using a 30.5cm [12”] cushion pad, and a 6mm [1/4”] seam allowance.




  • Four 15cm [6”] squares of patterned fabric
  • 2 pieces of 15cm x 10cm [6” x 4”] plain fabric
  • 1 strip of 30.5cm x 10cm [12” x 4”] plain fabric
  • For the back, two pieces of patterned fabric measuring 30cm x 41cm [11 ¾” x 16”]
  • 1 covered button [I’ve used my Button Factory]
  • 30.5cm [12”] square cushion pad




  • 1. Take the four squares of fabric, making sure they are lined up in the right direction.



2. Sew the smaller plain fabric strips in between the squares



3. Bring the seams together and press to make a box pleat, press, then tack close to the raw edges.



4. Sew the long strip of plain fabric in between the two pleated sections, right sides together.


5. Fold and press the ling piece to make another box pleat, sew across the centre to secure the pleats.



6. Hand-sew the button to the centre to cover your stitches.


7. For the envelope back of the cushion, fold each back piece of fabric in half, wrong sides together and press. Pin one piece to the front of the cushion cover, raw edges together.


8. Place the second piece of folded back fabric over the top, so that the two pieces overlap. Pin, then sew all the way round. Remove your pins and clip the corners.


9. Turn the right side out, press, and stuff your cushion inside!


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