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This simple storage hoop will help to organise your craft room and add a pretty touch to your decor too!

Step 13

Materials needed:

10” embroidery hoop

1 fat quarter woodland tree fabric 1r
1 fat quarter woodland tree fabric 2
Erasable ink pen
Pinking shears
Hand sewing needle and strong thread
6” ribbon
Sewing machine


1. Take your woodland tree fabric, place the embroidery hoop in the centre and draw around
the inside of the hoop. This will denote your working area.

Step 1

2. Cut a circle 2” wider around this line with pinking shears.

Step 2

3. Fold fabric 2 in half, and with the fold at the top, draw a semi circle using your embroidery hoop as a template. This will make up the pocket.

Step 3

4. Cut a semi circle 2” larger with your pinking shears. Edge stitch 1/8” from the fold.

Step 4

5. Place the semi circle over the circle and pin. Draw dividing lines with your erasable ink pen, I’ve just made one line along the centre, if you’re storing smaller items like pens, you could
make narrower dividing lines. Always sew backwards a couple of stitches first, to make the seam secure.

Step 5

6. Take your needle and thread, and sew a running stitch ½” from the pinked edge. Don’t remove the needle.

Step 6

7. Place the circle of fabric over the inside section of the hoop, then put the outer hoop over the top and tighten.

Step 7

8. Pull the running stitch tight, knot the thread and cut. [If you wish, you could cover the back of the hoop with a 10” circle of fabric]

Step 8

9. Add a bow made from your piece of ribbon to the crew at the top of the hoop.

Step 9

I hope you have found this tutorial most helpful and inspirational! Please share your creations with me here, or over on Facebook. I love to see what you create!

Debbie xo.

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